It was never really my intention to become a children’s costume designer but it is funny how life works out sometimes.

It all started because I wanted to put together a dress-up box for my girls for the winter. I have great memories of a childhood spent playing dress up and role play games. Now, my girls are 2 years apart in age which means things get passed on so I wanted costumes that could withstand several years of play and not fall apart at the sight of the washing machine! Of course, it was super easy to find cheap polyester princess dresses covered in glitter that wouldn’t even survive a hand wash or comic book character costumes that they would find interesting for about 5 minutes. Other than that I was coming up blank. My pragmatic, sensible brain says if you can’t find a solution then do it yourself and thankfully my creative side can normally catch up pretty quick.

So I made my first costumes. They were rough around the edges and made from a leftover fabric stash but they were adored and they still make an appearance every now and then!

From then on the girls became co-designers and models, their classmates became size testers and my fabric stash has grown to ridiculous proportions as I sample and test fabrics in a quest to find the right colour, the right texture and the right design.

I have learned about CE marks, toy testing, regulations not to mind fabric sourcing and pattern drafting! I have burned my way through a fortune worth of fabric and I have shed a fair few tears along the way but the aim remains the same- make realistic costumes that encourage children to use their imagination, last for generations and that live on in childhood memories for years to come.

I hope you enjoy your Mermaids and Dragons costume as much as my family has enjoyed creating it for you.


P.S. I get asked this a lot- the name Mermaids and Dragons comes from my 2 little girls- one mermaid who would happily spend hours upside down in the water and one little dragon who chases birds away by roaring her little heart out!


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