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Life should be a colourful tapestry of experiences and memories.

As a child I remember building tents and forts with a huge pink blanket and a bucket full of pegs. We would commandeer the dining room table if it was wet outside and if the weather was good we would build elaborate forts involving ALL the garden furniture. I vividly remember a dark green dress that we used for dressing up, accessorising with whatever we could find (or “borrow”) from my mother’s jewellery stash.

When I grew up I became a mum to 2 young and energetic girls. One of the most amazing things about a child is watching their imagination at work, watching them figure out the word around them. I always thought I wanted a high flying career that would take me all over the world. That all changed when the girls arrived, I want to help them learn about the world and when we go off high flying I want them there with me.

At Christmas each year we give the girls something small as a gift from us, their parents. It’s usually something small and it is a tradition that’s inspired by my memory of my parents giving myself and my sister a set of fabulous orange bedside lamps one year when we were small. They were hidden behind the couch “in case Santa didn’t come” and we loved them. I decided a dress up box would be a great present for the girls. I looked for costumes but found cheap options that I knew would just fall apart or be abandoned because they were itchy fabric or didn’t fit properly. I decided to make the costumes myself … and so Mermaids and Dragons was born.


Where did the name Mermaids and Dragons comes? My 2 girls. One is gentle, kind, caring and artistic. If let she would swim everyday and has spent many a lesson just sitting and swimming around at the bottom of the pool.The second girl is determined, willful and full of character: she will have her own way either by charming persuasion or by force. She has imaginary friends and chases birds away by roaring just like a Dragon- as LOUD AS SHE CAN.

Check out our costumes..

childrens 100% cotton lab coat and scrubs set

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high quality cotton children's white lab coat

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Childrens high quality scrubs set- three piece set

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