Frequently asked questions

Where is my order?

We process all orders within 3 days of receipt and we use the reliable standard shipping option with An Post. You will receive an email when your order has been dispatched
Estimated delivery times from An Post are as follows:
Republic of Ireland:1-2 working days
United Kingdom:3-4 working days
Europe: 7 working days
Rest of the World (we’d love to come and visit): 10 working days
Find out more about Shipping HERE

How can I be sure it my costume will fit?

We have put a huge amount of work into making sure the costumes are designed to fit real actual children! They have been fitted on real people, namely Lucy’s 2 daughters and a ton of their friends and an entire class in the local crèche! We have redesigned and reworked designs several times, it took 6 versions of the scrubs top to get it just right! We didn’t just go for Small/Large- we have been very careful to make sure the sizes are true to real dimensions of children and you can select the size your child normally wears. Check out our size guide HERE.

Do you gift wrap?

We believe every costume is special and should be treated as a gift. We wrap all our costumes in tissue paper, then we pop it into a cotton short handled carrier bag- perfect for all the accessories that a little medic or scientist needs. If you want to make it extra special you can add personalised embroidery to the bag or to the costume. Check it out HERE. We can also address the order to your special person, just pop a note into the order notes at checkout.


Can I wash my costume?

Yes you can! We have chosen fabrics that are hard wearing and washable for our scrubs and lab coat. It is 100% cotton and fabulous. Soft and rich in colour. We washed it over 30 times during testing to make sure it holds up well. Our independent testers also washed it at home and were really happy with the results. Do take care though. The colour of the scrubs is strong so just like all strong colours was it separately for the first few washes to avoid colour running. By the way you can also tumble dry our costumes on a cool setting. Pretty handy when you get pizza on it!


I love my costume- where can I leave a review?

Why thank you, we love them to and we are delighted you want to share your joy. You can leave a review on our Facebook page and we do love to receive pictures of little people enjoying their costumes email us on


Will you be designing more costumes?

Yes we will. We are looking to work with independent designers who design high quality costumes for real children that enable open ended play and genuinely inspire imagination. If you are such a designer who is that bit magical and special then get in touch!

Why does role play matter- is it not just make believe?

Well now whoa there! Yes role play and dress up is make believe but make believe is incredibly powerful. Hell even corporate team building events and trainers have adopted this method of learning. Without make believe, imagination and creativity there would be no innovation, no inventions, no technology and we would still live in caves. To find out why role play is REALLY important for children have a look at our article HERE.

Why do you have so much free stuff on your site?

So glad you asked…
“Imagination in Action” is the way we encourage open ended play and discovery. We develop resources which we believe immerse a child in the experience of role play and dress up and compliment the fantastic costumes we create. We wanted to make these available to everyone, even if you never buy anything from us so they are free to download and print from our site.

Still have questions?

Drop us a mail and we will get in touch Customer Care

We have pretty good imaginations here at Mermaids and Dragons and we are always coming up with new ideas for our Imagination in Action series. If you want to keep up to date with our latest and greatest ideas then sign up: