Caring for your Costumes

As a parent I look for a couple of things when I buy kids clothes. Will it hold up to the rough and tumble of life whilst being kind to their skin and suitable for all day wear.Will it wash well? I just don’t have time for things that fall apart after one wear and forgive me but I never want to see “dry clean only” on my children’s clothes.

In our quest to make the best dress up sets here at Mermaids and Dragons we have chosen durable fabrics that stand up to normal play and are kind to skin to make your kid’s lab coat and kids scrubs. We washed the fabrics over 30 times to make sure that they are long lasting and maintain their colour.

Do remember to wash dark and strong colours separately. If you throw the scrubs into a white wash you will turn things light green so remember like all clothing- seperate colours!

We have put together some guidance on how to best care for your new dress up sets.

Lab coats & scrubs sets

The kids lab coats & scrubs are made from 100% Cotton and can be washed on a 3o°C/85°F cotton wash cycle. We use Persil on our sets during testing and design stages including fabric selection. We would always recommend a non bio liquid/powder so as to avoid anything too harsh on young skin. The lab coats are well able for the drier as well but don’t crank up the heat, keep it on a low heat and you will avoid over shrinking and crazy wrinkles.

I hate doing laundry, here are some tip for making it slightly less painful:

Don’t overload your washing machine

I am guilty of this all the time but it is not good for clothes or for your machine. When you overload your machine a few things happen

  • Clothes don’t have the space to mingle with the detergent properly and don’t get cleaned properly
  • Clothes can end up with detergent still on them following the cycle. Again there is not enough space for rinsing all the detergent out and you end up with detergent left on the fabric. A tell-tale sign is bubbles still in the machine when a wash is complete.
  • Your machine will eventually break. It spins at high speed and really doesn’t like it when we put too much pressure on it.

Sort the fabrics

We’ve all seen what happens when a stay coloured sock or T-shirt ends up in the wash. On one of our early fabric tests we had a dark blue fabric where the colour ran- a lot- needless to say we rejected that fabric pretty quickly but my girls have light purple PJ’s as a result!

When you sort fabrics it is not just about the colour but it is about the fabric type, cotton cycles are very different to wool cycles. The wrong cycle can damage fabric and shorten the life of your clothes.

Read labels and match up the fabrics based on the wash cycle they can go in.

Avoid wrinkles

One of the most time consuming part of laundry is the ironing. If you want to save on the ironing then don’t let the washing sit. Once a wash is finished take it out or the machine as soon as practical. The same with drying, if you leave warm clothes in a drier sitting in a bundle then they will crease and be much harder to iron.

A great tip we got form one of our testers is

The fabric in the lab coat is so good that if the sleeve is a little long just fold it under and iron it. The fabric is so good that ironing it will hold it- no need for stitching itPaula D