Imagination in Action™ Monthly Draw

I like to share the love. Every so often I like to treat my friends to a coffee, buy my husband a new gym top or pick up some books for my girls. I like to show some love to the people who are important in my life and in my business. Soooooo- every month ( forgive me if I do forget sometimes) I have a giveaway for Imagination in Action™ subscribers. Everyone is entered automatically and there is no need to like/share/comment/follow or repin to be entered. It’s just my way of saying thanks for being here.

If you subscribe to my email list then I think you are a pretty special person. You let me pop into your email inbox every so often and when you have time you read through my ramblings, my news, my updates and my wows. I especially love when you hit reply and drop me a comment or more often than not a word of encouragement (Thank You!)

You can join us here

This Month’s Prize- July

This month to celebrate being shortlisted for a Loved by Parents Award for our Scrubs and Lab Coat costume set in the “Best Role Play Toy” category I am giving away a fab Chemistry set from the every amazing Learning Resources.

I hope it will be a celebratory giveaway but I can only cross my fingers and wait to see!

If you would like to vote you can check it out here. I am super grateful to everyone who has voted so far.

Everyone on the email list is automatically entered into the draw and I will notify the winner by email after the 21st July.

June’s Giveaway

This month we gave away a Unicorn Sword, Shield and Helmet Set to the lovely Niamh de-N who happens to have a birthday girl this month so that was very good timing I think!

I hope she really enjoys some serious dragon slaying and manages to keep the helmet away from her jealous brothers!

May’s Prize Draw

This month we are giving away this fantastic stethoscope and book set- my girls just love the Usborne books and as you can see from some of my photos we have had a great time with these stethoscopes.

The winner will be notified by email on May 22nd.

This month’s winner was Noelle
Congratulations Noelle and I hope you have lots of fun with this.

April’s Prize Draw

This month we are giving away this beautiful Bow and Arrow set complete with 3 arrows and leather quiver. perfect for Robin Hood or maid Marion, Knights Princes or Kings who want to defend their empire.

The winner will be notified by email on April 15th.

This month’s winner was Sarah McK
Congratulations Sarah and I hope you have lots of fun with this.