School supplies

If you are looking for Children’s role play costumes that are going to last through years of dramatic play in a classroom setting then you have come to the right place. Our occupational community helper costumes are designed for open-ended imaginative play where the child takes the lead and has the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination whilst developing their social, emotional and physical capabilities.

Our gender-neutral costumes are made from 100% cotton, are compliant with EU regulations and are made to last for years with durable fabrics and superior construction. They are also machine washable and generously sized to accommodate a wide range of children.

We offer exclusive pricing for schools, créches, Montessori schools and early years educators. Please contact me and I will tailor a quote based on your requirements.

Media & Theatre productions

If your theatre company requires costumes for an upcoming production or you need a costume for a media shoot then we can provide our superior quality costumes at attractive rates. Contact me directly with your requirements and I will prepare a quote that meets your needs.


I get a lot of requests to donate costumes to school fundraisers, to charity events, raffles and children’s charities. These requests always pull at my heartstrings but in order to maximise the impact my little business can make to children’s charities I have decided to work with Make-A Wish this year and donate 10% of all sales proceeds in the month of November to the Make-A-Wish foundation. For that reason, I will not be making monetary or in-kind donations to other organisations. I appreciate your support and understanding and I wish you every success with your fundraising event- there are so many wonderful causes out there.

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Sorry for interrupting but I thought you would like to know. In November whenever you buy something in the shop 10% of the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish® Ireland