Now that you have placed your order we know that you are keen to get your hands on that precious package and rip it open. So what happens next? How long before your order arrives? What happens if something goes wrong? Can I speed things up?

Read on and all will be revealed.

Dispatch and Delivery

an post logoAs an Irish company we use An Post to ship all orders at Mermaids and Dragons and we dispatch all orders within 72 hours. On public holidays the postman might be on a day off so it might take us a little longer. With 1,645 bicycles and 2,738 vehicles on the road I think they deserve a day off occasionally.

Postage Charges

Shipping charges. Yes we do actually charge for sending you your order. Now don’t get me wrong I have read the research and I know well that the no.1 reason people abandon a planned purchase online is because they are charged for shipping. However, I also know that postmen and women do not work for free and that free postage does not exist no matter how much we might want it to. I am not directly involved in drone research but maybe in the future that will change the landscape bit for now it still costs money to send things places. I think you are foolish enough to believe you are not paying for the “free” shipping with higher prices. You see, if I am going to include free shipping for everything then I have to add several € to EVERY item to cover shipping costs so that it “averages out” so to speak.

I believe the fairer way is if the packaging & postage charge you pay is based on what it actually costs me. Now that seems reasonable, doesn’t it? I’m not cheating you out of anything, I’m not tricking you into believing you’re getting a great deal when you’re not and I’m not charging you more than I should just to be sure.

It has taken a weigh scales, a lot of little helpers and some serious patience but I am happy to say that postage charges are now based on exactly what you are buying and where you would like it sent to. No more, no less.

The one time we offer free shipping is if your order exceeds €180, and yes, that is effectively a discount by way of a thank you, a virtual hug if you will.

Estimated delivery times

I’m told that delivery times can vary depending on the destination and on the local postage conditions. Whilst we really try to get your order to you as quickly as possible local postal conditions are out of our control and delays can occur. If you have not received your order within 15 working days of dispatch then we know you will be very disappointed so please please get in touch with us on Customer Care with your order number and we will follow up and make sure your order has not gone missing.

Sometimes the unthinkable happens and things get lost in the mail system. In the event that a package is not delivered within 30 working days of dispatch customers will be refunded the cost of the order or if the item is in stock they will be offered a replacement. Once a notice of delivery is recorded via the registered postal carrier as per tracking details it is deemed that the package has been successfully delivered.

All orders are sent to the specified delivery address. In the event that the delivery address differs from the billing address, the specified delivery address is used. We think that just makes sense.

Another practical little detail- Customers are responsible for any customs or local taxes incurred. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what customs charges local agencies will apply if any. In the event that a customer does not accept local customs charges where applied and the customer’s order is returned to Mermaids and Dragons the customer remains liable for the initial shipping and returns costs.

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