Muireann Ní Bheaglaoich

When we decided that we wanted to offer our dramatic-play resources in Irish as well as English we got in touch with Muireann. She has done a fantastic job on everything from our Garda Síochána to our Firefighter resources.
Muireann was born and raised in Galway City. Growing up, Gaeilge was the language of the home and Béarla was the main language in her community. She did all her education – JC, LC, BA Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Translating and Editing – through the medium of Irish. She was pretty good at the old Gaeilge. She won all sorts of awards and her name was even put on a cool list of really good Gaeilgeoirí.

However, while translating Garda dramatic play resources one day, a wee gap in her Gaeilge came to light. Handcuffs! What on earth is the Gaeilge for handcuffs? How could she not have come across this word as Gaeilge before?

Well, here’s the thing: news reporters don’t tell us that a criminal has been handcuffed – they tell us that a criminal was arrested. And so, if young Muireann had never played cops and robbers with her pals in Salthill, she might never have acquired the word ‘handcuffs’ as Béarla either. Necessity is the mother of invention- múineann gá seift.