Medical dramatic-play is so popular and there is a very good reason for that. Not only is it open to so many possibilities but it is something that children usually have some first-hand experience of; doctors, nurses, dentists or vets. Realistic props are normally relatively easy to find and offer opportunities for gross and fine motor skill development.

This Dentist Clinic pack is a perfect extension for medical dramatic-play. There are plenty of room signs and posters for setting up a dedicated area as well as patient charts and name badges for writing practice. The dental clinic dramatic-play pack can be used as part of the Doctor and Vet dramatic play to extend the set-up in the dramatic play area and children are going to love them. The Doctor and Vet pack is a large pack that includes theme posters, a large number of room posters, flash cards, activity pages, name badges, and an Aistear guide. Of course the pack goes extremely well with our scrubs costume for medical dramatic play

The Dental Clinic pack includes:

* Opening hours
* Price list
* Temporary Teeth poster
* Anatomy of a tooth poster
* Dental x-ray

* Patient chart
* Name badges
* Bravery certificate
* Appointment cards

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Dental Clinic Dramatic-Play

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