As a parent, I look for a couple of things when I buy clothes and toys for my children. 1. Will it last longer than 10 minutes and actually be worth it. 2. Can I clean it easily? I just don’t have time for things that fall apart after one wear and forgive me but I never want to see “dry clean only” on my children’s clothes.

In our quest to make the best role play costumes, we have chosen durable fabrics that wash well and can go in the dryer. Our costumes have been washed many many times to make sure they keep their shape and colour and to make sure they last. To be perfectly honest most of the occupational role play costumes get even softer with washing!

Unlike a lot of other kids costumes, we use real buttons. We believe that costumes should be as realistic as possible and that it is good for little hands to develop the skill of opening and closing buttons and buckles. All our chunky buttons are securely sewn on but if one does come off and disappear down the back of the lego box then just drop us an email and we will send you out a replacement.

We have put together some guidance on how to best care for your new role play costumes.

Clean up spills quickly

If you leave a strong stain such as blood, tomato sauce or chocolate to dry in then you are going to have a much harder time cleaning it out. If possible get the stain under the cold tap as quickly as possible. Run the water from the reverse side of the fabric and you will effectively “push” the stain out. Avoid hot water at this stage as it will “set” the stain and make it impossible to remove later.

You may need a biological washing powder on some stains.


We recommend that all our costumes are washed at 3o°C/85°F wash cycle although they can withstand a hotter wash. We use non-biological washing powder on our sets during testing and design stages including fabric selection. We would always recommend a non bio liquid/powder so as to avoid anything too harsh on young skin.

The costumes are all able for the drier as well but don’t crank up the heat, keep it on a warm setting and like the rest of your clothes you will avoid crazy wrinkles.

I hate doing laundry, here are some tip for making it slightly less painful:

Don’t overload your washing machine

I am guilty of this all the time but it is not good for clothes or for your machine. When you overload your machine a few things happen

  • Clothes don’t have the space to mingle with the detergent properly and don’t get cleaned properly
  • Clothes can end up with detergent still on them following the cycle. Again there is not enough space for rinsing all the detergent out and you end up with detergent left on the fabric. A tell-tale sign is bubbles still in the machine when a wash is complete.
  • Your machine will eventually break. It spins at high speed and really doesn’t like it when we put too much pressure on it.

Avoid wrinkles

One of the most hated and time-consuming part of laundry is the ironing. If you want to save on the ironing then don’t let the washing sit. Once a wash is finished take it out or the machine as soon as practical. The same with drying, if you leave warm clothes in a drier sitting in a bundle then they will crease and be much harder to iron.

Now that you know how to care for your costumes so that they can last for years of imaginative play, why not check out our range of occupational role play costumes here