Kindness Calendar

This year I was reminded of the power that a simple small act of kindness can have. I was visiting a family grave, sitting on my own, when a boy of 4 or 5 and his Dad passed me. Covered in mud and wearing football boots the little boy was obviously on his way home from a football match. He stopped and said something to his Dad. His Dad nodded a little and the boy came over to me. Without saying a word he opened his little hand and offered me three tic-tacs. That little gesture of simple kindness was what made me cry that morning.

Big hearts

Children have kind hearts and understand that kindness is a simple thing, not necessarily a grand gesture. Little simple acts of kindness have the ability to touch someone, to bring joy, to show love and to let someone know that they are important.

This year we asked children to inspire us and share ways in which they would like us all to show kindness to one another this Christmas. The result was amazing. Hundreds of heartfelt and thoughtful suggestions came in. What amazed me most was that all of the suggestions followed the same pattern- nothing elaborate or complicated and nothing that cost more than time and some thought.

A huge thank you to everyone in homes and classrooms around the country who sent us their suggestions. We have compiled some of the suggestions into a calendar so that the children around Ireland can inspire all of us. It is a starting point, a way to discuss kindness and maybe see if there is an action on there that you and your little ones could do. You would be making someone very happy. Please feel free to download it, share it with your friends and family. Pop it on the fridge or classroom wall and maybe have a little think about some ideas of your own to spread a little kindness this festive season.

If you would like to share some of our own ideas, tag us on Facebook or Instagram – we will be sharing some more of the suggestions we received and any more that come in.

Something as tiny as three little tic tacs can have a big impact.


We have made the poster available in English and Irish. As always a huge thank you to Muireann for her work on our Irish resources and her eye for detail.

It is designed as an A3 sized poster, however, if you don’t have access to an A3 printer and you want to print it A4 just select size “to fit” in adobe printing, or “poster” to print it over 2 pages and then stick it together to make the larger A3 size.

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