When I decided to make costumes for my daughters out of frustration with the quality of what was available I decided that occupation costumes were the way to go. They just fit with my philosophy on imaginative play and on the benefits of creating real-life opportunities for children to explore the world they see and interact with.
It was only after the fact that I realised my designs represented my life so far. It has been a varied and interesting journey with a “To be Continued…” ending so far.

My first job

I started off as a radiographer working in hospitals where scrubs and lab coats were just the most comfortable things when we worked nights. I did end up with a couple of pairs at home I have to admit.
Scrubs were the very first costume that I made for my daughters and they love them.

My First Business

My first business was an award-winning food business which required long hours in a commercial kitchen, I did not have a fabulous hat but I did have a chef’s jacket- it was so easy to clean!

A dose of perspective

Some years ago we had a fire at home and a lot of fire officers turned up and saved our beautiful Great Dane if not much else. It was a pretty life shifting experience that to this day inspires many of my choices.

My Best Friend

I am married to my best friend. He happens to be a Garda and that certainly has an impact on your life together but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Helping out

And finally, when I started working for myself I felt I had a bit more control over my time and so I volunteer as a Cardiac First Responder so I work under the Ambulance Service when I am on call.

These are the things in my life that have inspired me and as a result my creative business. I wonder what I will be next.. maybe an astronaut?
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