Small world play is a wonderful activity that lets children create and control an environment at a scale that they can easily manage and direct. Using a landscape and characters that a child can easily handle, move and manipulate lets them explore imaginary scenarios of their own making whilst strengthening their vocabulary and storytelling skills.
There are lots of simple characters and props that can be used in small world play and they are well worth a bit of an investment to ensure that they last through the years. Core characters and props that are transferable through different scenes are a good place to start and include things such as trees, people, animals, vehicles and blocks. You can add a sensory experience by incorporating lots of natural and easily accessible materials such as wood, stones, pebbles, leaves, twigs, grass and sand. There are of course a huge range of resources in the home which can be incorporated such as rice, lentils or beans to create different surfaces, fabric, buttons, water, and cardboard tubes. Children can, of course, incorporate come of their existing toys such as lego, blocks and play dough. Small world play is an opportunity to get creative and be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

This download is designed to provide the landscape for a community small world play with buildings, road signs and vehicles included so that you can create roadscapes and scenes. Why not use your own community as a template and make a map?

Small world play includes
* Community buildings
* Emergency vehicles
* Road signs

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Small World Dramatic Play

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