The Hospital

Medical role-play is a really popular theme with all children. Along with our scrubs and medical centre themes we have taken it a stage further with the Paramedic costume and Hospital theme. Our authentic Paramedic costumes certainly help with that transformation. To make dramatic-play even more immersive our Hospital pdf’s, available in Irish or English make it easy to set up your own Hospital. It can, of course, be combined with our medical centre pack or used with our Children’s scrubs costumes.

Our large format “I am a….”poster is designed for an early years environment where children can discuss Paramedics and hospital. Character Traits flash-cards can be added to the poster to encourage children to think about and identify the behaviours that they expect from a Paramedic. The “I use..” flash-cards help to introduce some new vocabulary; common equipment used by Paramedics and the blank cards can be used to scribe the roles and responsibilities that the children consider part of a Paramedics’s job.

The Hostpital resource pack is not available to buy but comes with each children’s Paramedic costume. The pack is a digital resource and it will be emailed to you when your costume is dispatched so that you can use it over and over again. You can download it, save it and print it as and when you need. We do recommend using cardstock and laminating some of the room signs and posters that you will use regularly. Thanks to the wonderful Muireann Ní Bheaglaoich the pack is available in Irish, you can specify your language preference when purchasing your costume.

Make your own Hospital

Our printable Hospital pack includes lots of resources so that you can easily set up a Hospital dramatic-play area of your own. In addition to the “I am a…” theme poster there is another large format poster, Welcome to the Hospital that can be used to designate a specific role-play area. The pdf includes A4 posters for the walls to designate different areas such as the Reception area or the Plaster room. We have included plenty of mark-making and writing opportunities with Patient charts, and of course, the personalisable Name Badges can be filled in and attached to a lanyard so that everyone knows just who is in charge.

What is included

The A4 posters included in the pack allow you to set up several of the different areas that you might find in a Hospital station.

*Reception area
*Nurses station
*Plaster room

Lots of interactive socio dramatic play props are included in each pack.

*Identification bracelets for patients
*Patient Charts
*Name badges

All resources are available in Irish as well as English. You can choose which you prefer.

*Name Badges
*Colouring pages
*Eye charts

Qualified Paramedics deserve a certificate, why not print off, personalise and frame this one!


We always recommend using real-life and authentic props whenever possible. There are lots of props which can be reused for several themes such as basic furniture of chairs, tables, and shelves- reconfigure them into a hospital patient room or even an ambulance. Have a stock of paper, pencils and clipboards along with an old computer keyboard or monitor and you have a reception area ready to go. The contents of a first aid kit with all its bandages and plasters will be put to good use with Hospital dramatic-play.

Available As Gaeilge

“Having these resources available in Irish is just fantastic, it saves me so much time and the standard of Irish is just brilliant. They are really very good quality.
~Joanne K, Early Years Teacher. ”


The Hospital pdf, like all of our theme packs, includes a section which details the Aistear aims and goals which are addressed as part of Hospital dramatic-play. There is a section for observations, for documenting extensions and emerging interests and for recording the children’s review and feedback on the theme.

Paramedic colouring

For all the little Paramedics to enjoy why not download this colouring page.

Download “I am a ...”

Download “Is mise...”

If you have any queries about our printable resources or our costumes or if you would like to offer any feedback please email us at lucy@mermaidsanddragons.com

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